Gifts For Your Friend Who Still Loves to Send Snail Mail

For everyone who shudders at the thought of using a Bic or writing on a yellow legal pad, here's a shopping list of indulgent desk and office goods.

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Daily Planner, Ramona & Ruth Image: Ramona & Ruth

Stationery, paper goods, and general desk and office supplies make for some of the best possible presents. They exist at that gifting sweet spot where practicality and luxury intersect: Everyone uses pen and notebooks, and yet a well-made one still feels like a special item. Even those whose lives are almost entirely digital find that they need to write something down from time to time, or that they’re better off holding the papers in their workspace in place with a paperweight instead of a coffee cup. And if you’re looking for a present that works as a graceful Secret Santa gift for a coworker you don’t know too well, it’s tough to do better than a stationery store stocking stuffer. Then there are the paper goods devotees, with our strong opinions on the merits of ballpoints versus rollerballs, who delight in the heft of a perfect sheet of letterpressed stationery and who always appreciate a gift that brightens our workspace. So here are a few gift ideas for all the paper-heads on your list.

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