Gifts For Your Friend Who’s All About ‘Manifesting’

A tool kit for the person trying to will their best life into existence, from astrology to tarot to affirmations

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Gifts For Your Friend Who’s All About ‘Manifesting’

I probably have six friends who routinely ask anyone they meet, “What time were you born?” That group overlaps only partially with the friends who volunteer to read my tarot cards and the ones who leave their crystals out during a full moon so they fully “recharge.”

Personally, if I see one more TikTok telling me to recite the phrase, “I don’t chase. I attract. What belongs to me will find me,” I may scream. Does this mean I won’t say that affirmation out loud? Probably not! Against my own better judgment, I have found myself deeply influenced by the manifestation culture that has permeated my social media feeds. Rationally, I’m skeptical that simply saying some words over and over again will bring me all the riches, love, and health I could ever ask for. Metaphysically, I want to believe it’s possible and will subsequently recite any phrases that gurus on TikTok tell me to recite.

My version of manifesting is obviously very rudimentary, but there are plenty of people out there who are ready to take it to the next step. Perhaps it’s you! Perhaps it’s a friend of yours. Either way, as the holiday season arrives, I put together this little roadmap of possible gifts for you to help your friend manifest all the things for themselves into 2022.

A tarot blanket

Photo:Etsy/ThePineTorch (Fair Use)

This blanket featuring a lounging High Priestess ($88.80) is not only a mood, but also great ambiance for a tarot pro who wants to hang it on their wall or lay it down when they’re having some friends over to unpack past, present, and future happenings.

A journal just for manifesting

Writing down the things you want repeatedly is apparently the move for actualizing them, so you need a little pad of paper to do that. This one is pretty cute and even says “less planning, more manifesting” ($24). I’m not sure I’m totally on board with the “less planning” aspect of it, but I support it entirely if that’s your jam.

This delicious affirmation candle

Photo:Spoken Flames (Fair Use)

This candle ($34) just told me I am a vision and the muse all while making my bedroom smell like orange, spicy clove, and cedarwood. Seriously, this candle quite literally will talk to you—it’s AR-enabled and features an audible affirmation to remind you to be fearless.

A floofy floor pillow

There are couch people, and there are floor people; in my personal opinion, if you’re going to meditate and manifest, you need to be on the floor. The comfiest way to do that is via a floor pillow. These are soft, stylish, and big enough ($34) for my whole butt to rest comfortably while I envision a future where I am healthy and wealthy.

This birthdate book

In the event that your aforementioned friend who always asks when people were born doesn’t have this book ($95), trust me when I tell you they will love it. It’s made to order and breaks down the recipient’s entire astrological birth chart—the map of the stars and planets at the exact time they were born.

A moon phase calendar

Image:MoMA (Fair Use)

Downloading Co-Star has both ruined and helped my life in that I now understand the importance of lunar cycles. The moon apparently impacts a lot when you’re manifesting and if you want to channel all the things at the best possible time, you need to know what the moon is up to. This Phases of the Moon calendar ($18.95) is pretty sexy and informative.

A copy of

Before you throw up your hands and say, “not that,” consider that your manifesting friend may have never read this book or seen the Netflix documentary. Anyone getting into harnessing their own power and all that jazz needs to read The Secret ($11.62), which makes the bold claim of having “helped millions tap the power of the law that governs all our lives to create—intentionally and effortlessly—a joyful life.” I doubt it, but I’m too afraid to say out loud that it might not because what if it does!!! Anyway, can’t hurt to try.

A water bottle with a crystal in it


This may be too woo-woo for some as it does look straight out of a Goop catalog, but hear us out: These bottles do the triple duty of being useful, aesthetically pleasing, and keeping your crystals close by. They range in price, but I’m sort of loving the amethyst one, which retails for $34.19.

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