Gisele's Legs Still Glued Together On Mag Covers; More Met Ball Gossip

  • For the May Vogue Mexico cover, Gisele Bündchen pulled virtually the same pose that was captured on the April cover of American Vogue. [DesignScene]
  • Miley Cyrus wears a silver corset that costs $25,000 in her latest music video. [Us]
  • Fashion’s Night Out this year will span 16 countries and take place over six days in September. Starting in France, weaving through the U.K. and the U.S., India, Germany, Italy, et ceter, and ending in Turkey and Greece — wait, Greece? Vogue thinks it can get Greeks to shop for pretty dresses again in September? Does Anna Wintour read the news? We don’t want to know the answer to that, actually. [WWD]
  • If you want to drink ‘n’ shop without waiting till September, know that retailers are so desperate for your moolah that many of them are offering in-store promotions like refreshments and special events. [WSJ]
  • Brace thyself for more Sex And The City 2: Electric Boogaloo fashion spinoff news: Harvey Nichols‘ head buyer reports, “Halston Heritage is selling amazingly right now. Whether this is because of the ‘Carrie effect’, who knows?” [Telegraph]
  • This photo of Adriana Lima, her daughter Valentina, and her husband, Marko Jaric, made our ovaries hurt. Valentina was born premature, at 34 weeks, and weighed just 4.4 lbs. [People]
  • Donna Karan says she failed draping when she was a student at Parsons. [CBS]
  • Rodarte has designed 40 costumes for the movie Black Swan, in which Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis star. [Vogue UK]
  • Gayle King wore an Oscar de la Renta dress she bought at an outlet to a party at Anna Wintour‘s house, and Oscar was there. [NYDN]
  • Fashionista defends Katy Perry‘s light-up raver bride Met ball dress, and places it on the same plane as Björk‘s Oscars swan dress. Except that Katy Perry doesn’t hold a candle to Björk in either talent or style. [Fashionista]
  • “I respect and appreciate Anna Wintour, but I’m doing this for me,” said Perry. “That’s what people should do, especially when they’re representing true women in American fashion. If Anna comes over and says ‘shut that f-ing thing off’ I’ll do it.” Perry may have been wearing her dress “to represent true women in American fashion,” but it came from a shop in France. [Stylelist]
  • Model Jessica Stam was lucky to arrive dressed at all — she says when she put on her Rachel Roy dress at 6 p.m., it ripped down the back and she had to be very quickly stitched into it. [@Jess_Stam]
  • According to Page Six, Lady Gaga had to be coaxed from her dressing room in order to perform for the assembled guests. Artist Terence Koh, reached by phone by Vito Schnabel, and Oprah did the wheedling. When she got on stage, she said, “I’ll never forget when Anna Wintour called me to play at this event, she called me and said, ‘I would like you to play at the Met gala, but I just want to make sure, because I’ve seen you perform before, that you won’t be swearing during the performance.’ So Anna, I will do my [bleep]-ing best!” We hope what she said out loud was “fucking,” and not “bleeping” or “f-ing.” Because that would be so bad-ass. [P6]
  • In other Met ball gossip, Giambattista Valli has photographic proof that Lady Gaga did indeed wear something black and jacket-like by Prada on the big night. Even though she came as a guest of the label, the songstress failed to make an appearance on the red carpet, robbing posterity of the chance to see her in some custom Prada skirt with wheels or a hat carved out of wood or whatever. [Giambattistavalli]
  • Oh, here’s a better photo kindly provided by the label. [The Cut]
  • If Miuccia Prada minded, she didn’t let on. When Gaga began performing inside the venue, the designer nabbed a front-row seat. [@Jimshi809]
  • Asked what is the difference between the New York woman and the American woman, Iman replied, “Sportswear.” [NYObs]
  • Too bad nobody wore any. Maggie Grace, Eva Longoria, Camilla Belle, Melania Trump, Gayle King, and Jessica Alba were among those women who had trouble walking and/or sitting in their gowns last night. Stupid fashion. [The Cut]
  • Daria Werbowy talks about snowboarding in the latest issue of ESPN. [RadCollector]
  • Tory Burch has put out a “limited edition” mix CD, apparently her second. It includes tracks from Michael Franti, Santigold, the Smiths, and the Neville Brothers, which sounds, um, eclectic. []
  • Erdem Moralioglu, the winner of the first-ever Vogue/British Fashion Council award, will design a capsule collection for Liberty of London. [Vogue UK]
  • The House of Representatives now has a Fashion Caucus! On Wednesdays, they wear pink. On Thursdays, they try to pass legislation that would allow designers to register their clothing, footwear, glasses, belt, and handbag designs and receive a three-year copyright for said designs. [WWD]
  • Although Gilt Groupe realized sales of $170 million last year, and foresees an IPO for 2011, the company is not yet profitable. It just hired a new CFO to make that happen. [WSJ]
  • Doc Martens is opening a New York store. The company already has three U.S. locations, all on the West Coast. A 10% rise in sales this year over last has left it feeling spendy, apparently. [Crain’s]
  • Frida Giannini‘s handwriting “reveals a woman of flair and good taste who is inspired by her creative imagination. (Well nourished stroke, neat, clear).” [AnotherMagazine]
  • Gucci is launching a new website specifically for its watch business. Yes, you can access it on your iPad. [WWD]
  • Young designer Chris Benz gave a talk at Savannah College of Art and Design about getting started in fashion. The takeaway? Connections matter. [Fashionista]
  • Male model David Gandy told Oxford University, “Men are still quite scared of the connotations of looking gay, even in 2010. But dressing well can be incredibly easy. You don’t have to buy a suit from the most expensive labels — you can pick one up from the high street and for an extra £20 or £30 you could have it tailored to fit you perfectly — and nothing really looks better than a tailored suit. And because we’re limited to jeans, T-shirts and suits, it’s important to be confident with accessories to look good and be different — it doesn’t have to be difficult.” [Vogue UK]
  • Can’t afford a $2,000 Proenza Schouler bag? Buy some $275 Proenza Schouler sunglasses instead. They use some of the same hardware! [Refinery29]
  • Perhaps you could wear them while riding your Chanel scooter. [DFR]
  • Despite an unemployment rate that remains stubbornly above 9%, apparel sales — one of the hardest-hit sectors of the economy, for obvious reasons — are rebounding slightly. Specialty chain stores that have suffered excruciating declines in comps, like Abercrombie & Fitch and Urban Outfitters, all have rising stock prices. A man who gets quoted in these kinds of stories all the time, fashion industry analyst Marshal Cohen, thinks this might be because during the worst of the recession, consumers had to shop for only the cheapest clothes, and they’re sick of it. [BW]
  • Or maybe there are lies, damned lies, and industry analyses. Women’s clothing sales rose 4.2% on last year in March, then fell 4.1% in April. Specialty apparel overall fell 3.9% in April. Retail spending on clothing is essentially flat for the two months. [Reuters]
  • Here is another article about leather shorts — this season’s trend that general-interest publications can safely point at and laugh. [Time]
  • The Armani hotel at the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai includes eight restaurants, a 12,000 square foot spa, 160 rooms, and 144 apartments. It still looks pretty much like an airport. [DazedDigital]
  • Athleta, the online women’s athletic wear company Gap acquired two years ago, is opening its first store that isn’t made out of HTML. [WWD]
  • Since Patrick Robinson‘s arrival at Gap in 2007, sales are down 14%. The brand has been slower to turn around than Banana Republic and Old Navy, which it owns. However, C.E.O. Glenn Murphy says he has “full confidence” in Robinson. [WSJ]
  • Nike, meanwhile, expects its revenues to rise to $27 billion annually by 2015. [Reuters]
  • We are starting to think that nobody makes any money in fashion, at all. Except for Bernard Arnault and garmentos like him. [ToL]
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