Give Carpool Karaoke the Boot


Carpool Karaoke, the often irritating/reoccurring segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden in which celebrities sing their own hits while driving around with the comedian host, seems to be a safe enough endeavor. But not quite. At least, not for Ariana Grande, who somehow maimed herself while filming the series on Tuesday. To which I say: how? And also, cancel the damn thing?

Grande documented her injuries on social media:

According to Page Six, Grade said in a soon-to-be-expired Instagram story, “Well Mr. Corden, today is off to a wild start,” captioning the video, “Bleeding n smiling.”

And on Twitter:

Here’s the thing: Carpool Karaoke clips usually kick off with a well-rehearsed greeting and the click of a seat belt. Was Ari wearing a seat belt? She must’ve been, or the network would be furious, right? How the hell did she get hurt? I would say “watch to find out,” but I’d much prefer CBS put us out of our misery and get rid of it all together.

Somewhere, Pete Davidson sits in a dark room, full of rage, waiting to exact revenge.

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