Globes After-Parties: Highs, Lows And Pasties


We get it: not everyone wants to deal with the main red carpet. But that doesn’t mean one gets to fly under the fashion radar. Especially when one’s clothes are so…noteworthy, shall we say?

Nia Vardalos demonstrates several trends — from jewel-blue to asymmetry — but the combination is seriously pretty.

I love that the Aldrins are fixtures at these parties — and always, always blinged-out.

Rutina Wesley, as always serenely elegant. She works these simple lines.

Temple Grandin clearly doesn’t give a fig for dress conventions, but also clearly dressed in her best — and looks spiffy!

Julia Ormond channels a 19th Century Spanish widow, but somehow pulls it off.

Yes, it’s true, you can see Hayden Panettiere’s pasties. But otherwise, it works! And I’m sure, sans flash, it just looked pretty and elegant.

Cara Buono in one of the evening’s prettiest takes on the peachy trend — period.

Anne Heche looks like she’s ready for a Flashdance rehearsal in her loft.

Lea Thompson channels Katherine of Aragon; obviously her prerogative.

Even before the unfortunate spill that exposed Paz de la Huerta’s decolletage to the Hollywood night air, her getup didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Sianoa Smit-McPhee has the distinction of giving us the evening’s one true “Ugly” — which in a way is the highest honor one can achieve.

[Images via Getty]

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