Good Idea, Gruesome Execution: The Lady Gaga Comic Book


Images from Fame, the Bluewater Productions comic featuring Lady Gaga — are up online! And holy hell, are they disappointing.

Bluewater is also responsible for the Female Force series, in which Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Condoleezza Rice and now even Carla Bruni are given the superhero treatment.

Unfortunately, they seem to have mucked up regarding who they hired to draw Lady Gaga. Here, her mirror-mask and spiked shoulder pad look amazing… But her face! It’s just not right.

Poor Gaga! The only plausible scenario is that someone mixed steroids into her water bottle, sending her on a rampage, during which she robbed Carrie Bradshaw of her wardrobe and became a hotel lounge singer.

Here, she grips a jizzing penis microphone and seems distraught.

There are more terrifying images to be found right here, and we can only hope that these are drafts, or tests. Seriously, all you have to do is Google “Lady Gaga fan art” to see some gorgeous, funny, cute, cool or awesome illustrated images of Lady Gaga that truly capture the strength, theatricality, drama, quirkiness and beauty she exudes. Even Kristen Stewart’s comic looks better!

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