GoT's Oberyn Has Been Hiding in Your Favorite TV Shows All Along


Since joining the cast of Game of Thrones as Oberyn Martell in season 4, actor Pedro Pascal has quickly become a fan favorite. For a lot of us, he seems like a blessing that came out of nowhere, but in reality, Pascal’s been hiding in our favorite shows for years. Here’s where you might have missed him in the past.

Undressed (1999)

On the brink of the new Willenium, Pascal — then 24 and going by Pedro Balmaceda — was appearing semi-regularly as Greg on MTV’s Undressed (a.k.a that sexy show you would secretly watch at the lowest volume after your parents went to sleep at night).

Buffy (1999)

Here’s the most exciting reveal: Pedro Pascal played Eddie, the first friend Buffy Summers makes at UC Sunnydale in “The Freshman,” the premiere episode of Buffy season 4.

Spoiler alert: He gets turned into a vampire.

Touched by an Angel (2000)

I unfortunately couldn’t find any photos of Pedro Pascal in his turn as Ricky Hauk, a gas station attendant with the soul of an artist, from the Touched by an Angel episode “Stealing Hope,” but know that it happened — and the episode summary is glorious.

Earth vs. the Spider (2001)

Made-for-TV movie. Pascal, briefly going by “Alexander Pascal” is credited as “Goth Guy.” Regretfully, no photos were found.

The Law & Order franchise (2006-2011)

Pedro Pascal has played multiple roles within the Dick Wolf empire of crime dramas. He first appeared as Reggie Luckman, an actor hired to pretend to be a kidnapper on Law & Order: Criminal Intent in 2006. He then appeared on OG Law & Order in 2008 as a drug addict/murder suspect named Tito Cabassa. He returned to Criminal Intent in 2009 as Kevin “Kip” Green in the episode “The Glory That Was.” In 2011, he portrayed the role of Special Agent Greer on SVU. He did not make out with Christopher Meloni.

Nurse Jackie (2010)

Pascal appears as Steve in the episode “Twitter.”

The Good Wife (2009-2011)

Pascal had a recurring role on The Good Wife for the first two seasons as Nathan Landry, an assistant state’s attorney.

Brothers & Sisters (2011)

On Brothers & Sisters, Pascal played Zach Wellison, a homeless vet with the most TV character-y name ever.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2012)

Here’s Pascal as Kyle Hartley, one half of a husband-and-wife team of robbers that targets weddings and uses an ambulance as their getaway vehicle.

Graceland (2013)

Recurring role as Juan Badillo, an FBI control officer.

Homeland (2013)

Pascal appeared in the episode “Tin Man Is Down” as David Pantillo.

The Mentalist (2014)

Pascal, being the busy TV bee that he is, has been appearing on The Mentalist as Robin Tunney’s boyfriend Agent Pike at the same time that he’s been showing up on Game of Thrones as the Red Viper of Dorne.

And now it’s been announced that he’s getting his own show on Netflix.

Pedro Pascal! Hiding in plain sight this whole time!

(Note: This list does not encompass Pascal’s full filmography. For that, click here.)

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