Government Shutdown Might Kill An Adorable Panda… Cam


One potential casualty of the looming (constitutionally mandated that I use the word “looming” in reference to government shutdown- Article 12, Section 6, HISTORY: LEARN IT) government shutdown isn’t the jobs of hundreds of thousands of federal employees or even my sanity, after having to listen to the yammering of the hand raisers of the early Baby Boom generation on the news every day. Nope. The worst casualty of the shutdown is the Pandacam, which will go dark tonight at midnight unless there’s a dramatic course change. We need to do something about this.

According to the AP, the tragic (temporary) death of the pandacam will accompany a closure of the National Zoo in Washington, DC as well as national parks around the country.

But don’t worry, animal lovers: the animals will still be taken care of.

Actually now that I think of it, maybe the power to avert government shutdown lies in the hands of our National Zookeepers. Fund the damn government or the adorable baby panda gets it. Or maybe not. Boehner gives off a little bit of a pandaeating vibe.


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