'Greedy' Woman Who Gave Birth On Plane Devastated By Public's Backlash


Last week, Ada Guan gave birth to a healthy baby girl while flying over the Pacific Ocean. Now, the mom who didn’t know she was pregnant is facing public backlash after she and her partner (who also had no idea she was pregnant) asked the public to chip in for baby-related costs.

The couple who, according to the CBC, have no idea how crowdfunding actually works (I believe it; this woman didn’t know she was pregnant, how are you going to demand she knows how to crowdsource?) initially asked for $50,000 to defray their costs. And, they say, it wasn’t even their idea. According to Guan and partner Wes Branch, a relative told them to set up the account.

The couple, who’s received about $1,350 in donations, cut their financial goal down to $5,000 after the public called them “greedy” and accused them of trying to make money off their situation which, if we’re being honest here, isn’t actually anything offensive. If I were a woman who gave birth on a plane and gave the internet-viewing public an entire day of free coverage and discussion, I would also want to make a couple bucks off of it—especially if the baby was an unexpected surprise born in a country I did not expect.

Commenters on the CBC’s article about the crowdfunding were especially upset, partly because the couple was asking for money so that Guan could stay home with the baby, even though Branch is unemployed and could easily take care of the baby while Guan worked. Comments on the actual Gofundme weren’t much better, with people giving small amounts of money (and possibly taking it back?) just so they could make an angry comment the couple would read.

A comment from someone who gave $5:

Use birth control if you are not prepared for the cost of a kid. Unless you were declared indigent, your bill would have been around $3500.00 here in Canada. That fact that even though you are unemployed and your girl friend only worked part-time but you thought you needed a holiday, is as stupid, as you saying that looking after a cat is as easy as a kid; proves that you should not be a parent; never mind asking the world to pay for your kid.

And another:

Wesley how can you compare a baby to owning a cat. Are you that stupid that you bottle feed your cat, change ur cat diaper, wake up in the middle of the night from the cries of your cat? Your definitely not ready to be a father to think caring for cats is the same as a baby. Is funny how I read on yahoo you felt a backlash because you asked for 50000 on here because your family member gave you the idea. Once again your trying to push the issue to someone else. Does it not pop into your head that 50k is too much to ask for. Your not any special to any other young couple who has a child. What right do you have to ask for 50k. Getting you started with the main items such as stroller diaper crib baby wipes formula clothes etc should not be more than 2 to 3k consider what price u buy. What the hell were you planing to do with 50000. I know now you lower it to 5000 but you seems like a shady guy. On here your jobless but on an interview with cbc i saw you told then you work at a moving company. Also why do you say never in a million year do you think you would have a baby. Did you not have Intercourse with her at all and somehow God bless you with a miracle. Of course either you or her didn’t use proper protection . GET A JOB OR TWO.

you’re*. And also: This woman had an unexpected baby on a plane….of course she wasn’t ready! Do you read?

This outrage has devastated Guan and she’s proclaimed that the entire week has been a mess. Right now, she and Branch are just trying to get through each day and raising a child who they’re very excited about but didn’t plan for.

From the CBC:

Branch said he was initially angry at the response to their initial fundraising goal.
“It made me really mad, it made me want to reply to these people, but I said to myself I won’t. I am just going to raise my baby.”

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