Gwyneth Paltrow Won't Judge You For Cheating On Your Partner

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If you’re a cheater, Gwyneth Paltrow is willing to forgive you, even if your spouse won’t. She explains, “Life is complicated and long and I know people that I respect and admire and look up to who have had extra-marital affairs.” Gwyneth adds, “It’s like we’re flawed — we’re human beings and sometimes you make choices that other people are going to judge. That’s their problem but I really think that the more I live my life the more I learn not to judge people for what they do. I think we’re all trying our best but life is complicated … If death by virus was a punishment for extra-marital affairs there would only be three dudes left in this world right now.” [Telegraph]

Royal shocker: Despite Us Weekly‘s claim that Kate Middleton is carrying twins, there’s nothing happening in her womb that we should know about. The couple’s rep adds, “Suffice to say that were it true, it would be us that announces it, not a gossip magazine.” [Us]

Ali Lohan is either wasting away, or was simply photographed at a strange angle. Michael Lohan is going with the former explanation, because it allows him to make comments like this: “It’s scary to see my daughter looking like this. Ali was always on the thin side but seeing how much weight she’s lost there appears to be a drastic change that concerns me.” If anything is going to help her face her alleged eating disorder, it’s her father talking to Radar. [Radar]

A man broke into Celine Dion‘s house, but he wasn’t after jewels, just a taste of what it’s like to live in Celine’s world. When police showed up to the Montreal mansion, they found he’d eaten a pastry from the fridge and was pouring a bath. After spotting the cops he asked, “Hey, guys what are you doing here?” [People]

  • We don’t really want to know how Perez’s minion obtained this photo of Shannen Doherty‘s Malibu home, which was destroyed when the roof collapsed. [Perez]
  • Sorry, conspiracy theorists: Beyonce‘s baby bump is clearly visible in this bikini shot. [E!]
  • Apparently Neil Diamond has a Twitter account, and he used it to announce he’s engaged to his comanager, Katie McNeil. [E!]
  • Reese Witherspoon says of husband Jim Toth, “I got lucky. I did. I got very lucky … He’s so wonderful with the children. I’m very blessed.” [Us]
  • Sarah Polley is pregnant with her first child. [UPI]
  • MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell announced on her show today that she has breast cancer. She said, “Luckily for me I am one of the fortunate ones. We discovered it in the earliest stage. It had not spread, and I’m already back at work with a terrific prognosis.” [Mediaite]
  • Hopefully you’ve been saving up, because Elizabeth Taylor‘s jewelry collection is being auctioned, and it’s valued at $30 million. [Telegraph]
  • Words we never expected to hear from Audrina Patridge: “I’d love to do a period piece, medieval, like Troy. I would love to get dressed up in costumes and talk in an accent and film in another country.” [BWE]
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