Hail Brittania! At Jameson Empire Awards


The Jameson Empire Awards at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel brought out some serious class, and some true bizarre.

The Good:

How dapper are Luke and Harry Treadaway? I would so have had a crush on one or both of them in high school, It would have been unrequited.

Hayley Atwell’s, btw, is a jumpsuit. And awesome.

Olga Kurylenko’s shows the point of the classic lbd: effortless and elegant.

Aww, I love classic kid formalwear like Will Poulter’s!

A little Jetsons? Perhaps, but Joanna Page works it.

The Bad:

As Gemma Arterton shows, pillow case + bootie = less than alluring.

Georgina Groome is adorable, but I wish she’d chosen between jacket and shoes! I mean, worn different ones, not gone barefoot.

What Say You?

Anne-Marie Duff: petal perfect or lamentable layers?

Is Edith Bowman wearing one element too many?

[Images via Getty]

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