Halloween With American Apparel: Get Back In The Kitchen, Ladies!


Ladies, American Apparel believes a spot of cooking and cleaning might brighten your mood. The female mannequins in the NoHo store window are currently mopping, baking, and doing laundry with implausible zeal. The male mannequins? They are wearing sweaters.

When the tipster who snapped this photo asked the American Apparel manager why the gendered displays were so…distinctive, she was informed that these were costume ideas for Halloween. (To be fair, the male mannequins are posed in proximity to two mermaids.) Apparently, “Helpmeet” and “Women’s Work” are hot costumes this year. As is, “Man In Sweater Near Some Mermaids.” Irony optional.

You can check out more of American Apparel’s suggestions for Halloween at its website. Some of them are surprisingly creative! (Not “Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare,” though. That one is lame.)

Halloween [American Apparel]

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