Heidi Klum on Leaving Lifetime With Tim Gunn: Project Runway 'Was Our Baby'


On Friday, Heidi Klum and the most interesting man in the world, Tim Gunn, announced that they were leaving their beloved fashion designer reality TV show Project Runway for greener, tech-monied pastures. The pair will be creating a new show at Amazon.

On Sunday, at the Creative Arts Emmys, Klum offered more insight into why they decided to leave, per Variety:

“[Project Runway] was our baby, and our baby is 16 years old now, our baby can walk and it’s going to walk by itself. We love our baby, we love our baby and we wish our baby good luck, but now we’re ready to pop out a new one.”

Gunn also addressed their departure from Lifetime, which aired the past 11 seasons of Project Runaway, with all the decorum such an occasion calls for, and that he became so well-known for on the show. “We have only the deepest affection for Lifetime,” he said. “They’ve been such a wonderful, wonderful partner and collaborator, and that makes us sad, leaving Lifetime.”

I’m SAD! I loved this show deeply and a Project Runway with Klum or Gunn is a Project Runway not. They made it work—they made it work for 16 friggin’ seasons and now, in my mind, it’s basically over.

At least these two will still be making TV together: Klum said their new show will have a global scope, featuring fashion designers from all over the world instead of just the U.S., and it will also be interactive, allowing viewers to shop the looks they see on the show. “On Amazon, you lay in bed and watch your favorite show—hopefully that will be ours—and then you click to the fashion and can possibly have that in your closet,” said Klum. “I think that’s amazing not only for the buyers but for our designers.”

Listen, as long as Gunn is involved, you have my attention, and I will pretty much give anything a try. Until then, I await eagerly to learn their new catchphrases. Auf Wiedersehen.

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