Heineken Sponsors Shoe Sale So Ladies Leave Men Alone to Watch Soccer


The Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid is this Saturday, and, if you’re familiar with tired tropes about how women are all basically mean mommies who want to ruin men’s fun, that can only mean one thing: ladies are going to bug their boyfriends and husbands about watching The Big Game. Fortunately for the men who are dating or married to women with whom they have little in common or who have no empathy for their husband’s interest level in sports, Heineken is sponsoring a shoe sale that goes on at the exact time that the game starts. .

The video, which is in Portuguese, is accompanied by the following description:

His wife will be an unmissable appointment just in time for the final of the UEFA Champions League. Coincidence? No. Providence. Watch the movie and tell her.

One of the lotion-drenched dudes behind the campaign elaborated to AdWeek:

“The idea is to help guarantee men time to watch the game on Saturday afternoon,” said W+K creative director Otavio Schiavon. “So we’re going to provide an argument that will make it so their wives or girlfriends have something interesting to do during the game. He’s going to surprise her with news about a shoe sale. And she, in turn, can leave him to watch the UEFA Champions League final.”

Is all of Brazil just a Portuguese episode of Two And A Half Men?

Hope Heineken is prepared to sponsor a shoe sale that spans half of June and July when the World Cup happens in Rio.

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