Help Paula Deen Name Her Dog That Looks Just Like Sam Elliott


Hey y’all! Paula Deen needs help naming her new dog. Won’t you lend her a hand?

Deen, who seems to be channeling Faye Dunaway in Network in that photo, got herself a new Goldendoodle and is crowd sourcing to find the little guy a good name. She posted the call for name suggestions to Facebook on Tuesday:

I just love my Goldendoodle Gus so much, I had to have another one! He just joined our family, so I need y’all’s help to name him! Vote now to name him:

The most important thing about this dog is he looks exactly like Sam Elliot. As for names, we were able to come up with a few on the fly (Butter? Lil Bypass?) but I’m sure you guys will have lots more fun ones int the comments down below. Let’s help Little Unnamed Deen Dog get an appropriate name that really befitting of the dog of a holiday shitshow hosting, batshit crazy, utterly clueless racist who co-opted Southern cooking and turned it into a bastardized gastronomical nightmare. This is what the Internet was made for, after all!

Deen has already narrowed the field to three choices and they are pretty terrible.


Paula, really, you know what you need to do here:

Images via Getty, Facebook.

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