Here Is a Pregnancy Announcement in the Form of a Wes Anderson Parody

The latest, greatest thing in reproduction is elaborate pregnancy announcements. Can’t have a baby without a sufficiently adorable announcement. And so, meet the Shu-Syders, who opted to deliver their happy news in the form of a trailer for a fake Wes Anderson film. Title: The Pretentious Presentation of the Uterine Inhabitant.

Via the Huffington Post, the video is a spot-on parody, with bonus points for self-awareness. Also, their dog is adorable.

Personally, I’m hoping to keep any future pregnancies a secret until the moment I turn up with an infant in arms, purely to avoid six months of discussions about birthing strategies. The post-natal announcement will be designed to look like the cover of a secret baby romance. TAKE THAT, PINTEREST.

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