Here Is An Hermès T-Shirt That Costs $91,500


Here is an Hermès “T-shirt” made of crocodile and chiffon. It costs $91,500, and it’s for sale at the luxury brand’s Madison Avenue flagship store.

Hurry — they probably don’t have very many of these to sell. If you don’t move quickly, you may have to settle for one of the lesser crocodile-and-chiffon T-shirt styles which Hermès offers for as little as $60,000, according to a snooty-sounding salesperson.

The Awl braved Hermès’ no-photography policy and got a picture of the T-shirt’s price tag. It notes that in New York City, sales tax on an item of that price would run around another $8,000.

I’m not sure that the definition of “T-shirt” quite stretches to encompass chiffon-backed crocodile — if that fabric were used to make a crew-necked shirt for women we’d probably call the garment a “shell” or a “top.” The humble, quotidian connotation of the word “T-shirt” must have been irresistible next to the eye-popping $91,500 price tag. And to be fair, Hermès calls the shirt a “TEE-SHIRT.” Whatever; it’s still a piece of clothing that costs more than my college education. Plus a car. Plus a few Birkins.

The Most Expensive T-Shirt in New York City Costs $91,500.00 [The Awl]

Lede photo via Nowfashion,, Pinterest

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