Here Is the Worst Promotional Video Of All Time (Of All Time)


Do you have a birthday or a wedding coming up? Perhaps you’d like to combine those two events together. That sounds really special! And for an event that special you need top-of-the-line videographers to capture every tearjerking moment. But if you can’t afford someone like that, you can hire Fred and Sharon to ruin your event for a mere $800.

Fred and Sharon Spencer (likely their real names, although the veracity of their videos has been hotly contested) were minor internet celebrities in 2008 when their first video came out. They’ve been lying dormant since then, but now, through the power of Digg, Liveleak, and the rest of the internet (all of it), Fred and Sharon have been resurrected to offer you their most professional services, or at least make your Thursday afternoon.

Aside from providing wedding and animation services (is this a common combination?), Sharon — who bills herself as a relationship expert — also offers completely awesome celebrity advice that could be for all of us, really. Check out her musings on what lies ahead for Miley Cyrus. (Warning: It’s going to be a bumpy road.)

Also: Sharon Wants to Go Shopping is the best animation of all time. It is the touching story of Sharon wanting to buy a $500 dress and Fred abandoning his screenlay to buy it for her. Really worth a watch. (They throw pies at each other.)

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