​Here Is Your Blooper Reel From Season 6 of Parks & Recreation


Is it strange that I look forward to the blooper reel of TV shows more than the show itself? It’s kind of like being in on the joke with the glamorous cast and basically glamorous crew except they go home to the comfort of their massive paychecks and I go home to soul crushing debt and general ennui. SAME DIFF LOL.

Anyway, check out the latest gag reel from the Parks & Rec cast. Jim O’Heir (who plays Jerry) straight up pulls a Jerry. And Retta is the queen of my ennui-laden heart.

Also, vaguely related story: When I was 8, my dad took my brother and me to the dollar theater to see Rush Hour, and I did a spit-take (OF MR. PIBB THANK YOU) right there in the theater during the bloopers. I never told my dad I did it on purpose. Please don’t tell him.

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