Here's a Blog About Some Terrible Men

Here's a Blog About Some Terrible Men

Remember the Rudy Giuliani associate who was arrested at the airport with a one-way ticket, the mark of a person who definitely didn’t do anything wrong? His name is Lev Parnas and according to reporting from The Daily Beast, Parnas helped arrange meetings for Rep. Nunes’s investigative work—likely into the Mueller probe—in Europe in 2018. Also, I desperately need everyone reading this to know that Parnas’s lawyer is named Ed MacMahon.

MacMahon told The Daily Beast that Nunes’s aide Derek Harvey was at the meetings in 2018, but MacMahon didn’t elaborate on the content of the investigations or meetings. But at that time, Nunes (who’s now the main Republican talking head during the impeachment hearing, despite Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan’s best efforts) was investigating the Mueller probe. Nunes or a representative has not commented on the story.

Nunes traveled to Europe with three aides (Derek Harvey, Scott Glabe, and George Pappas) on Nov. 3 through Dec. 3, 2018. During that time period, Giuliani (a goon in his own right) was running a smear campaign against former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

Parnas was arrested with Igor Fruman at Dulles International Airport with those one-way tickets to Germany. They were stopped by officers as they were boarding along with other first-class passengers, according to The New York Times. The indictment show a “complex scheme to violate campaign finance laws,” but both men say they’re innocence, the Times reported.

Wonder why we haven’t heard more about Nunes’s European vacation—I mean, very important European investigations? I would love to never hear from Giuliani (and his cartoon goons) ever again, though.

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