​Here's a Compilation of Disney Theme Park Characters Taking a Spill


Working at any Disney Park as a character must be a pretty insane experience, not that I would know first-hand (though some high school friends have done it and lived to tell the tale). Having to don a heavy costume and mask in hot weather, being bombarded by children, some of whom are diabolical enough to accuse you of merely being “a guy in a suit” and “not the real Mickey” does not sound like the best time to me, but I respect the struggle so I feel for these people.

Having said that, I present to you a couple minutes of Disney employees in costume falling down for the purposes of your entertainment. If you’re conflicted about watching this, remember this: the world-shattering experience of a child who just watched his/her favorite Disney character lose its head will always be worth a fallen and not seriously injured Disney employee. You’re actually doing the world a service, one ruined childhood at a time.

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