Here's a Thing Where You Wear Puppies on Your Feet, Which Rules


Tokyo Fashion Week kicked off Monday in a fairytale wonderland, complete with technicolor flora and fauna, from the glorious Thai label Sretsis. There was a bunch of cool shit but let’s just cut to the chase: they presented shoes with little plush puppy-guys on the toes. Welcome to the land of “stuff you want to wear in the fall.”

The cynical among you might say, “But Julianne, how are these shoes much different from those Jeremy Scott Adidas stuffed animal sneakers that drive you to rage-fits?” and you would not be completely wrong. HOWEVER, those stuffed-animal sneakers are often worn by dudes who don’t go the full mile, pairing their panda head kicks with like, jeans and a t-shirt rather than committing to a look. Sretsis showed their awesome puppy booties (are those foxes? no idea, I’m going with Schnauzer) with utter commitment to the experience, trussed up with hypercolor florals, almost maniacally-girly ruffles and, in the case of the middle look, above, matching fox/puppy caps. The label, which is run by Pim Sukhahuta with her real-life sisters (Sretsis, get it), is always wildly creative, but they’ve taken their concept into fantasy dream-wear with this collection.

My colleague Erin Gloria Ryan was skeptical and also described a similar look as “Carcosa Precious Moments,” which, EXACTLY. That is definitely what I want to do this Fall: walk around with the patina of a very darling, bleary-eyed, adorably innocent member of a murderous cult in swamp country. That is why I’m in love with this line. It’s aspirational. Even this Grey Gardens element, too, if only for the way they evoked Little Edie in the headscarf of a meek-looking model traipsing through this marigold maze.

Look at those textures! The luxurious tactility of the coats and the miniature detail in the embellishments! Couldn’t you live in these?! I’m so happy.

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