Here's Kathie Lee Gifford Being a Giant Drunk Monster

This is why we love Kathie Lee, so maybe don’t tell her to “cool her jets,” Adam Pally of the cult hit Happy Endings. Maybe go home and think about what you did to anger her. Jesus! Keep doing you, KL. You’re the biggest star on TV.

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Actually, it looks like the two are joking back and forth. I don’t agree that Kathie Lee was being too aggressive, because, uh, have you seen this? Kathie Lee has no time for your lies:

In comparison, her banter with Pally seems downright pleasant. So she compares him to Howie Mandell and tells him he’s boring her. So what? She’s drunk, it’s the 567th hour of today and she’s not singing an original song she wrote from a viewer letter. You know who needs to cool their jets when Kathie Lee doesn’t get to sing? Just about everyone but Kathie Lee. Everyone’s got a story, Adam Pally! Too bad how you made it onto The Mindy Project won’t be immortalized in song.

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