Here's Kirsten Dunst in a Short Film About How We Selfie Now


Kirsten Dunst made a short film with Vs. Magazine about the way people interact with her and other celebrities in the dawn of the Selfie Era.

In the short, Dunst is waiting outside when two fans pull up and of course want to take some selfies with her.

“Don’t you want your friend to take it?” Dunst asks.

“I don’t trust her,” the woman responds.

Wouldn’t this technically constitute and usie? That, ladies and gentlemen, marks the first and last time I will ever use “usie” in a sentence ever again. [SWEARS BLOOD OATH TO BA’AL, EATER OF SOULS, LORD OF THE DARK UNDERWORLD AND MASTER OF SELFIES]

“Do you want to talk or anything?” Dunst inquires as the two women furiously post online. “You can ask me a question or are you curious about anything?”

“Can you tag me?” is the natural response when a celebrity asks you this, of course.

The door was open, ladies. You could have gone straight for the full-on “who had better hair, Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt?” inquisition. Missed opportunity.

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