Here's The Christmas-y Trailer for the Upcoming CGI Peanuts Movie

Well, here is the official trailer for the CGI Peanuts movie, due to hit theaters in November 2015. Not sure about this. Not one bit.

The Christmas-y theme only serves to highlight how different this looks from the familiar animation of the beloved TV specials. Plus, “dream big” sounds a little more Hollywood and a lot less melancholy than the original strips. But, as this USA Today sneak peek points out, Charles Schultz’s son Craig is writing and co-producing, and Bridesmaids‘ Paul Feig is riding herd on the project, so there’s plenty of reasons to hope this won’t turn into a total Smurf job.

Hey. I see you pulling up the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack on Spotify. Stop that. Restrain yourself. We’ve still got a week to go. STAND FIRM.

(h/t Vulture)

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