Here's the Fire 'Obama Saying Pop Off' Remix You Never Knew You Needed 


On Monday, at the G20 Turkey Leaders Summit, President Obama grew impatient with the sudden hawkish scent in the air—a desire for swift action that was inevitable after the terrorist attacks in Paris, but that Obama (who does not want to put troops on the ground in Syria or only welcome Christian refugees into the States or do many of the things his critics are advising) does not find immediately wise.

In a moment that was immediately aggregated by noted political sites like WorldStarHipHop, Obama said this:

And now it’s time for the remix, useful for all people. Not everyone can agree on Middle East geopolitical strategy in a time when the most baffling medieval death cult in history continues to expand its reign of terror across the globe. However, everyone can agree that too many folks wanna pop off.

Image via AP

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