Here's Video of Taylor Swift Falling Down a Flight of Stairs on NYE


OH MY GOD, TAY TAY! Are you ok? Did one of the people on your long list of “starbucks lovers” make you do this? Have you been drinking? There’s nothing like falling down a flight of stairs to ruin someone’s evening.

You’ve got to hand it to Swift, though, she doesn’t fall gracefully in the way that Jennifer Lawrence did that first time at the Oscars (#FallTruthers2015). When Taylor went down, she went down hard and fast and it looked painful but according to Just Jared she’s okay now and even helped count down to the new year after recovering.

::Makes inevitable joke about Taylor’s next album just being 14 songs about how much staircases have hurt her even though she’s done nothing to them except be a hella cool girlfriend.::

Image via Getty

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