Here's Where You Can Send Teresa Giudice Letters In Prison


Teresa Giudice is about three weeks into her 15 month stint at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, also known as the Orange Is the New Black prison.

As Radar Online astutely reports, Teresa is unable to use Twitter and other social media platforms, but lucky for us she still has access to the unique talents of our good old United States Postal Service. If you’re interested in sending her a letter of support or perhaps a few tips on how to survive and thrive prison, you can contact Teresa at the below address:

Teresa Giudice #65703-050

FCI Danbury




Apparently the uptight FCI system has a policy against threats and extortion attempts so you’ll have to wait until she’s out of prison for those.

I personally plan on sending Teresa the torn out pages of an inspirational quote page-a-day calendar to keep her spirits high. Alternatively, I may write some Orange Is the New Black fan fiction and weave Teresa into the cast as a new inmate affectionally known as Lowbrow—a reference to her tiny forehead and her taste in men.

According to reports leaked stories from inmates, Teresa seems to be adjusting to prison life as best she can—keeping a low profile and taking a job in the prison’s laundry facilities. I’d now like to leave you with this visual which gives you a glimpse into how Teresa is adjusting to prison life, socially.

“Teresa talks to quite a few people now, mainly the women who teach the exercise classes and her five roommates. She was dancing with them the other day and asked them to teach her how to twerk. They thought it was funny.”

Image via Getty.

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