Hero Teens Stop Their Prom Limo to Rescue Victims of Car Crash


Today in FINALLY, SOMETHING NICE HAPPENED: Twenty Florida high school seniors were prom-bound in their limousine when they saw a van hit the highway median and flip over. Feeling the clarion call of heroism, the teens unstrapped their cummerbunds, tossed aside their Jessica McClintock boleros, and leapt from the vehicle—Alizé dribbling, blue and forgotten, into the worn limo carpet.

Via Yahoo!:

Frank Tucker, a football player at Western High School in Davie, Fla., said the students had no idea why they had come to a stop until he peeked out the window.
“I saw the bottom of the van,” he told ABCNews.com. “We kind of reacted to it, ran out of the limo and did what we had to do.”
Izzi and the teens braved blood and broken glass to pull five adults, a 9-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl to safety.
…When ambulances arrived to take the victims to the hospital, the teens continued to the prom, arriving 15 minutes late and a bit disheveled.
Tucker’s girlfriend, Krista Pulcini, had blood all over her gown, he said, but she managed to wash it off and continue on for the evening.

First of all, blood-covered hero-prom is BOSS. Second of all, that is hella people in one van. Third of all, nice work, teens!!! In your honor I will officially take one week off from using either Schmidt-is-angry-about-youths-dot-gif or Liz-Lemon-is-frightened-of-youths-dot-gif. Thank you and you’re welcome.

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