Hey, Dude: Nickelodeon Adds Even More 90s Shows To Their Nostalgia Block


The internet kind of collectively flipped out when it was announced that Nickelodeon would bring back programming from the early ’90s, and when it debuted to high ratings, Nickelodeon must have realized that they did something right. But what they weren’t doing everything right, given complaints about air time (midnight to 2am? C’mon!) and the lack of variety in programming (how many times can an adult actually make it through an episode of Kenan & Kel?). But no longer.

The network has announced that starting Friday, the block of shows will begin at 10pm. (We won’t miss what’s currently playing in the time slot, Malcolm in the Middle and What I Like About You. Sorry, Jenny Garth.) But that’s not all! My personal favorite wooden television host, Stick Stickly, will return this weekend, as well as Hey, Dude. Is it a coincidence that Christine Taylor’s husband, Ben Stiller, will be on SNL this weekend? Probably. But a girl can dream about a sketch about life on the Bar None starring Kristen Wiig and Mr. Ernst, can’t she?

Nickelodeon’s 90s Revival Debuts To High Ratings
90s Nickelodeon Nostalgia Returning To Your Television

Image from holbox/Shutterstock.

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