Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Is Feeling Insecure And Overexposed


Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling was on the Tonight Show last night, and when discussing his three big blockbuster movies out this year, he proclaimed it was “a bit of overkill” and continued, “I’m sick of myself.” He even attributed the audience’s cat-calls to the studio sign flashing the words “applause.”

By the way, girl, your man was feeling “a little self conscious” about his suit because he had already worn it once: “Apparently in show business… You can’t wear the same thing twice. It’s like you’re spitting in fashion’s face. Or something.” He went on to admit that he also feeling insecure about being on the show after being talked to by one of his publicist friends whose job it is to monitor all of his late night appearances. (Um, dream job?) Obligatory gif of Gosling being insecure about his outfit at right.

As if this interview wasn’t already enjoyable enough, The Gos then discussed his love of motorcycles at length. I’m sorry, but really, you “can’t imagine how everyone else feels” about your fine self? Let me spell it out for you: HOT AND BOTHERED. EVERY TIME. (Especially when talking shop about motorcycles. Goodness gracious!)

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