Hillary Clinton Won't Cough Up Whether She's Running For President


You can ask Hillary Clinton all you want if she’s going to run for President in 2016, but she’ll probably deliver the same quippy non-answer.

Last fall, at an event at the University at Buffalo, the moderator asked Mrs. Clinton to “describe for us what the ideal candidate for the presidency would look like in three years.” She replied: “I am not as interested in what the candidate looks like as what the candidate stands for,” and then proceeded to describe Democratic policies.

The former Secretary of State might have Super PACs gathering money just in case she runs, supporters swelling with excitement and haters at her door, but she remains mum on an official announcement. And unlike her possible-presidential predecessors like Colin Powell or Al Gore, who gave dry and rehearsed answers, Mrs. Clinton is riding her growing popularity and using the each inquiry about her running plans to be witty and evasive.

“Can you give us some insight into how the ‘T.B.D.’ in your bio will play out,” a University of Miami student asked Mrs. Clinton last week, a reference to the “to be determined” abbreviation she wrote about her future in her biography on Twitter, which limits responses to 140 characters. “Well, I’d really like to,” Mrs. Clinton replied. “But I have no characters left.”

Burn. It would seem that press and media civilians hosting any Clinton family member for a speaking engagement are simply required to ask about Clinton in 2016, Chelsea included.

Ms. Clinton has also honed a go-to response that usually involves a reference to a “crystal ball.” At the Las Vegas event, she said she “will support my mother in whatever she chooses to do” and that “my crystal ball is no clearer than yours.”

Most likely the former New York Senator will announce her candidacy late this year or early 2015, writes the New York Times. Until then, we’ll be watching Hillary’s latest way to dodge The Question.

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