Hollywood Develops a Clueless Movie, Sporadically 


My prediction for the remake of Clueless, the classic American tale of falling in love with your stepbrother who is also your dad’s law intern, is it will be the same except with diminished slacker and party culture, and everyone is vaping. Even the teachers can vape.

Deadline reported on Thursday that there’s a Clueless remake in early development at Paramount. It is being produced by Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver and penned by Glow writer Marquita Robinson. The original 1995 film was directed by Amy Heckerling and is based off of Jane Austen’s novel Emma, which is getting another more traditional screen adaptation as well. Deadline reports of the forthcoming Clueless movie that “details are minimal in regards to whether it’s a fresh new take for the millennium and if older characters will be reprising roles.”

There’s already a lot of Clueless adaptations out there, so I’m not sure we need this? A Clueless musical is debuting in a few weeks, then there’s the graphic novel, then there’s the perfect ’90s movie. All I can hope is that for copyright reasons the movie remake is called Notionless.

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