Hope Hicks Agrees to Possibly Tattle on Trump

Hope Hicks Agrees to Possibly Tattle on Trump
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Former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks will testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee, despite the White House’s insistence that she, you know, not do that. Should be fun!

Hicks, who also worked on Trump’s campaign, has already provided the Democrat-led panel with some documents related to her (brief) tenure at the White House, and according to Politico, on Wednesday she agreed to take part in a closed-door interview. Hicks was repeatedly mentioned in the Mueller report, and Representative Jerry Nadler, who chairs the committee, says Hicks will have to answer questions about the six beautiful months she spent professionally lying for Donald Trump, even though the White House previously instructed her to ignore the committee’s congressional subpoena.

In a statement, Nadler assured the transcript would be made public, which is very exciting:

Of course, Hicks is notoriously tight-lipped, having worked her way up from a PR role with Ivanka’s fashion line to Trump’s super best buddy by being as mind-bogglingly loyal to the Boss Man as possible. Indeed, the only people more loyal to Trump are his own idiot children (except for sweet Tiffany, our only hope) and at least they can blame genetics. It seems unlikely that much more will come from this than a future book deal for Hicks, which is a win for no one.

Hicks meets with the panel on June 19.

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