Hot Trend for August: Denim on Denim


As August is just around the corner, now seems like an appropriate time to let you know that both Glamour and Marie Claire (and Katie Holmes and Zoë Saldana, by extension) are advocating for the Canadian Tuxedo as The Look for the rest of summer.

Marie Claire and Glamour‘s August issues are devoted to DENIM, which, if you’re testy about time rushing by too quickly, might make you feel a little bit like magazine editors are trying to push us out of the heat and into the chill of fall. Marie Claire went as far as to create a special cover for the magazine that “unzips” to reveal Saldana in her own outfit of denim (sponsored by Guess Jeans), while Glamour got headlines because Holmes was posed “topless” in some of the shots.

Unfortunately, there has been little mention of the photo of Holmes in a denim bucket hat (if anything needs protesting on the internet right now, it’s that photo with its accompanying caption). Furthermore, neither Saldana nor Holmes has released a comment about how awkward it must be that they’re both wearing the same thing on the covers of rival magazine covers. On the bright side, at least the ubiquitousness of jean-on-jean is washing away the taste of that ugly Dior dress that was everywhere last month.

Images via Glamour and Marie Claire

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