How Many Times Do I Have to Say It: Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat Are Still Not Dating!

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How Many Times Do I Have to Say It: Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat Are Still Not Dating!

Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat are definitely not dating. Sure, they’ve been photographs of them at concerts, museums, and comedy shows. Sometimes they’ll grab dinner together afterward. Occasionally she smiles, and laughs, and he laughs too. But still, they’re really not dating!

TMZ reports that despite recently uncovered photos of the un-couple hitting up a Los Angeles In-N-Out Burger after a Thundercat show last week, Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat are definitely not dating. Sources “exclusively” tell the outlet that they’re friends! They’re just friends. Honestly, she has no reason to date him, nor does he have any intention to date her. He enjoys Shawkat’s company! It’s simple as that. And sometimes—well, more than sometimes—the two schedule time to spend together, often involving late-night activities at bars or clubs, after the workday is finished. It’s when all the other people who are also not dating hang out!

I promise, Alia Shawkat and Brad Pitt are not dating. They’re really not! There is absolutely nothing to suggest that they’re dating. If there were, we’d know about it! They’d be photographed of them late at night, at concerts, restaurants. Reports would surface that they’re not dating, even though it clearly looks like they are. It’d all be rather obvious! (Wait…) [TMZ]

Breaking news: the Modern Family dog has died. Beatrice the bulldog, known by fans of the show as Stella, was a series regular since 2012, when she took over the role from fellow bulldog Bridgette.

People reports that Stella was a pre-eminent dog actress of her time, likened by critics to be the most “famous TV dog” of the modern era. Her real-life human compatriots, Guin and Steve Solomon, talked with People in 2017 about her work as an actress:

“Ed O’Neill is in love with her! It’s very easy working with him because he brings Beatrice treats like popcorn and always looks out for her. We’ll be doing scenes in the backyard by the pool and in between takes he’ll say, ‘Would you please get Beatrice an umbrella, she’s in the sun!’”

A titan of her industry, she was important enough on set to warrant her own trailer crate. She will be dearly missed by dogs, and dog people, across the world. Thankfully, with Modern Family ending for good, expect a fairly lucrative streaming deal for its post-television streaming lifespan, ensuring you can remember Stella as often as you like.

Unfortunately, her agency, Good Dog Animals, did not respond to my requests for comment on how they’re handling her passing, likely too overcome by grief at the loss of a dearly departed friend. [People]

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