How to Dress Your Man Like the Nerd of Your Dreams


Gone are the sand-in-the-face days when being considered a nerd was a bad thing. Now, it seems like every Hollywood actor desperate for a career makeover is hiking up his pants, pulling on a cardigan, and ditching his contacts for a set of plastic frames — because nothing says, “Hire me for your massive comic book film franchise” like a bit of geek-inspired style.

That’s why, in celebration of King of the Nerds, the new reality show that pits cosplayers vs. scientists in a $100,000 competition to prove their ultimate nerd-dom (and is, of course, hosted by Revenge of the Nerds stars Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong. Hi, Booger!), we’ve curated a little sartorial guide for gents with a glimmer of geek in their eye.


Whether or not every woman needs a knight-in-shining-armor — every boy will want this suit of armor hoodie. Or if something a little more “subtle” is your guy’s style, try this classic elbow-patched cardigan with a nerd-allegiance claiming tee underneath.


Whether you’re shopping for a Harry, a Haverchuck, or a Marty McFly, there is a perfect pair of nerd-frames for every geek out there. Alternately, consider specs that provide an actual service, like some hi-tech eyewear that protects computer-related strain.


For those nerds in your life who aren’t quite out and proud, a few low-key, but high-impact accessories are probably the way to go. Friends will never guess his Brony love with these DL custom Chucks (unless they have an intimate interest in his his feet, in which case you have other things to worry about), and this vintage pair of elk leather suspenders are the perfect gracious nod to geeks of yesteryear.


A man’s taste in film, music, or obscure Japanese action figures is no excuse for bad hair. In fact, as a representative of Geek Americans everywhere, it’s his job – nay, mission – to dispel the myth that his tribe is nothing but a bunch of greasy-maned dirtbags. You can start by showing him this awesome infographic of comic book-inspired facial hair.

And there you have it — a few simple ideas to bring out your inner nerd, without making you look like a total bore. So shine up those shoes, tape up those glasses, and make sure to tune in tonight at 10/9C for King of the Nerds — only on TBS.

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