Huge: Eating Disorders, Ribs And Recovery


Last night on Huge — the ABC Family show set at a fat camp, from the creator of My So-Called Life — we found out that the camp director is recovering from an eating disorder.

Dr. Rand revealed to her date, Wayne, that she’s about to celebrate 7 years of “abstinence” after being a compulsive overeater. It was strange yet fitting that they discussed her problem over a bucket of ribs. Dates are almost always food-oriented, so getting involved with someone who has (or is recovering from) an eating disorder can be full of complications. But Dr. Rand’s date, Wayne, seems up for it; after going to her 12-step meeting with her, he told her he wanted to get to know her better.

Meanwhile, some of the campers were getting drunk in the woods. During a game of truth or dare, Piznarski was challenged to kiss a dude, and picked Alastair — who knew nothing of the game, and was basically pranked and embarrassed in front of his sister and her friends. Later, Alastair told a friend that the prank kiss was also his first kiss.

This episode also touched on drinking problems, hooking up with someone too old for you, girl-on-girl kissing for the delight of boys and reading runes. The network only ordered 10 episodes of the show, so it’s winding down, but each time I watch, I’m impressed. Instead of focusing on weight as a burden, like The Biggest Loser, or playing fat for laughs, like Dance Your Ass Off, this scripted drama manages to touch on the truth about those considered overweight: They’re human. With hopes and fears and dreams and experiences, many of which have nothing to do with a scale.

Huge [ABC Family]

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