Hugh Lathers Up With Betty White, Reveals Daughter's Paparazzi Love


Hugh Jackman made an appearance on The Tonight Show last night alongside Betty White (in a shower!) to discuss his daughter, the paparazzi, and his recent trip to China.

Blatant objectification aside, Jackman is personable and funny in his brief interview. Naturally, we love seeing him joke with Betty, but perhaps our favorite part is when he finally explains his daughter’s joyous expressions in paparazzi pictures. Of course, we’d be psyched to ride on his shoulders too, but it seems that his daughter is more entranced by the paps than her dad. “If I throw things at them or yell at them, they come back double,” he explains. Plus, he wants to set a good example for his daughter, who loves the shutterbugs.

For those of you who can’t get enough of Betty – because it seems like she’s everywhere these days – here is the clip of Jackman and White clowning around in the shower:

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