Hurrah: An Incredibles Sequel Is on the Way


Let the child inside you rejoice! There’s another Incredibles movie in the works at Pixar and Walt Disney! That means more Elasta girl and Mr. Incredible! We get to see what became of Violet’s invisibility powers, Dash’s … dashing and the baby, Jack Jack. In the film’s final scene, baby Incredible essentially had every power known to man, so I can’t wait to find out his specialized talent. Also, can one ever really get enough of Edna? As she would say, “I never look back darling, it distracts from the now.

Truer words were never spoken.

In less exciting news, there’s a third installment of the Cars franchise, even though the second film wasn’t all that great. Sorry Owen Wilson. Guess that whole Frozen Oscar takeover really got the storied studio re-charged to crank out new product quickly.

Brad Bird, the first Incredibles director, is on board to write the sequel reports Variety, though he’s directing Tomorrowland right now which stars George Clooney and opens May 22, 2014. I am currently trying to picture how Tomorrowland, an actual section of Disneyland, will look on a big screen and it’s not really computing at this point. Still, I trust Bird and Clooney to deliver something awesome. But who cares about that, there’s an Incredibles sequel!

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