I Am Extremely Here for This America's Next Top Model—RuPaul's Drag Race Crossover!!


It seems that someone at VH1 has been gotten ahold of my vision board because all my quiet prayers have been answered: the forthcoming, Tyra Banks-helmed season of America’s Next Top Model will feature a RuPaul’s Drag Race crossover!!!

As you’ll surely recall, Tyra Banks is returning home, finally wresting control of her baby from the grimy hands of Rita Ora. RuPaul’s Drag Race, another show that deserves more accolades than it has received in its almost 10 years on air, has moved from Logo to VH1. Hence the crossover—a truly beautiful and synergistic television event that should have happened much, much sooner.

Vulture reports that Manila Luzon, Katya, and Valentina will appear on the show, which premieres January 9; details of what they’ll do on the show are scarce, but who cares! There’s so much that these queens have to offer! Imagine what ANTM would be like if any of the contestants had even a hint of the uniqueness, nerve, or talent that Manila serves in this iconic lip sync.

Katya’s physical flexibility, comic timing, and impeccable ability to take whatever challenge is handed to her and turn it the fuq out is something that your average ANTM hopeful could stand to learn a few things about!!

I mean.

Valentina, bless her heart, is a snaky, slippery, little boa constrictor who will slide her lithe body around you in the middle of the night and strangle you to death. The girls of ANTM do NOT need coaching from this B, but you know what, she always looks good.

Mask OFF, Valentina!!! Why are you like this?!?!

I digress: I understand that the point of ANTM isn’t necessarily to promote anyone who is actually self-aware or savvy; half the fun of Tyra’s specific brand of reality TV is that the women on her show are blissfully unaware of the fact that the real life world of modeling is nothing like the wacky obstacle course Tyra presents. Do I want them to be more aware? Eh! Maybe not.

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