I Regret to Inform You the Look for Spring Is Sad French Clown 


It’s couture week, baby! Which means it’s time to click mindlessly through slideshows online of clothes so expensive they’d probably turn to ash if they were ever put on my disgusting peasant body.

And what did I see when I set my eyes on the Christian Dior collection? Clowns. I saw clowns, everywhere.

You scared yet?

Obviously it was only a matter of time that clowns made their way to fashion. After all, the public has been terrorized by real and fictional clowns for the past few years now. But rather than go the curly red wig and pancake makeup route, Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri clearly took inspiration from those sad French clowns, a.k.a. Pierrot clowns, you’re likely to see in ceramic form at your local garage sale or rendered in a black velvet painting in your grandma’s living room. The collection was full of frilly, high-necked blouses and ballooning cuts, harlequin prints, and subtle takes on circus makeup with pointy eyeliner.

That’s a clown.

Definitely a clown.

You can’t fool me, just because it’s high fashioné does not mean I can’t recognize a sad French clown when I see one!


You get the point.

Also the runway show took place in this crazy, circus-style setting complete with olde-timey acrobats.

You heard it here: the circus is in and I regret to inform you the look for spring is sad French clown.

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