This Prank Should Be a Part of Every Bachelor Party

In Depth

Thanks to bro folklore, movies like The Hangover, and simple observations, the association between bachelor parties and bad behavior is one that’s deeply ingrained in America’s cultural consciousness (yes, #notallmen, but certainly a lot of them). What we don’t think of when we think of bachelor parties is prankery.

Beyond the confines of our fifty states, however, the “bachelor bungee jump prank” is a popular activity: Blindfold the groom and drive him around. Tell him he’s going bungee jumping. Scare the shit out of him, keep him blindfolded, make him think this is really happening. Except, as you’ll see in these videos, it’s not happening at all.

Deadspin unearthed evidence of these shenanigans back in 2013, but that viral video was hardly a one-off. Another one (from somewhere abroad, though I’m no expert in pinning down accents), above, is making the rounds this week, and a quick YouTube search yields years’ worth of results from all over the globe. The practical joke seems popular enough that it’s kind of amazing that guys even fall for it, but it’s great that they do.


Faroe Islands:


Netherlands (I think):

Netherlands, again:

A lone North American contender:

No clue (Quebec?):

And so on, and so forth.

I don’t have a problem with the idea of a bachelor getting some lap dances, but from the bride’s perspective, this is far superior: a visual record of your soon-to-be husband getting totally clowned. Very useful. Want.

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