Images of Teenage Rape Victim Reportedly Shared at New Mexico School


This story is getting to be disturbingly familiar: a widely-shared social media post in Albuquerque, New Mexico claims that a 15-year-old girl, a student at Valley High School, was raped at a party in early November by at least two men. Some versions of the post include what the original poster says is a still frame from a video of the assault. (We’ve located these images and a couple others and published them in an edited form below. They are upsetting.) The post claims that the girl was bullied and taunted when she returned to school following the rape, then attempted suicide.

Here is the description of the assault posted on Instagram, with the names of the alleged assailants redacted:

A young girl about the age of 15 went to a party and woke up the next morning naked and in pain, with no recollection of the night before. She came to find out that while drunk and unconscious, she had been raped, beaten, urinated on, and tossed around a room by three guys. Videos and photos like this one were taken and posted all over social media with the caption “megathots”. This video is still up on this guy [Redacted]’s Instagram. The names of the other boys involved are [Redacted] and [Redacted] I am posting this to expose them because NOTHING is being done by law enforcement or Valley High school. One of the students was suspended for 2 or 3 days and that’s all that’s been done. Now this poor girl has fallen behind in her classes and has lost out on an entire semester because she didn’t want to go to school and see one of her rapists walking down the hallway. And when she did attempt to go back she was taunted by them as well her classmates. She then attempted to commit suicide. I am completely and utterly disgusted by this and the lack of what’s being done about it. Beware of these guys ladies because this is not the first time they’ve done something like this. They are nothing but shitty, disgusting, rapists who deserve to be beaten within an inch of their lives. I want everyone to know who and what they are and they will get what’s coming to them. Two of their Instagram names are [redacted].

Both of the alleged assailants named in the original post appear to have deleted their Instagram accounts. Cached versions of their pages are still visible, but both accounts were set to private and we can’t confirm if they did actually post images of the assault.

The Albuquerque Police Department told KRQE News that there is an active investigation into the alleged rape, adding, “The investigation is still being conducted. All materials (photos, videos, social media postings) have been collected by detectives.” An APD spokesperson told KOB 4 that the incident is believed to have occurred on November 1 and a detective was assigned to the case November 5.

This is the images making the rounds on social media:

Another post being shared is alleged to be from the person who recorded the rape; he too has deleted his Instagram. Here’s the screenshot of his post that we saw:

The post at the top claims that the boys named have committed rape before. Another photo dated from around July is now making the rounds: it was allegedly posted on one of the assailant’s Instagram accounts and appears to show him and another boy carrying a possibly passed-out woman between them.

(The caption refers to the woman in the photo as a “skunka” who “can’t hang;” skunka is a slang term that’s pretty much equivalent to “hoe.”)

KOB also spoke to the Albuquerque Public Schools, whose spokesperson confirmed they’re aware of the incident; the victim reported it to Valley High School staff. The spokesperson also said that at least one of the people involved was, in KOB’s words, “disciplined pending the outcome of the investigation,” though she didn’t specify what the punishment was.

We’ll have more for you on this story as we get it.

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