Imgur User Calls Out the Community for Its Treatment of Women


Imgur, the photo-hosting site that is a direct feeder to Reddit is an excellent way to waste some time. It features awesome pictures and some pretty funny commentary. But it’s also home to misogyny and some disturbing treatment of women, and one user is standing up to the catcalls and threats of dick pics with overwhelming support.

All user Tunacupcake (which sounds like the grossest food combo ever) wanted to do was look at awesome pictures and enjoy some memes when she received a random message from another user asking her to be cuddle buddies. Now, some may say that the message isn’t offensive (“it’s not like he sent her his dick, bro”), but as Tunacupcake points out, it came from someone with whom she had had no interaction and who messaged her based only on the fact that she was female. He didn’t even know her name.

Instead of letting it go, Tunacupcake engaged the other user in conversation asking him why he thought it would be a good idea to ask her to be cuddle buddies and was called “angel” and then “boring as hell” when she said she wasn’t interested and asked not to be called by pet names. That would have been bad enough, but then the other user came back a few days later and tried again. Dude, why? Why? WHY? If someone isn’t interested, just leave them alone, don’t say shit, and maybe consider how you come across. It’s not charming, it’s creepy. Oh, and then don’t come back and defend your misogyny by claiming that you love all women (which doesn’t magically make your statements not misogynistic)

Tunacupcake has one message for Imgur: You are cooler than this and you can do better. And while some users are asking her why she even continued the conversation (“for points,” comes a reply from someone else) others are thanking her for highlighting the harassment that goes on on the site and pointing out that “The fact we even have to completely ignore their existence in order to not be harassed is a little mind boggling.” Worse, points out another user, “It’s often not enough.”

The post has already garnered a fair amount of support and will hopefully make people think twice before choosing to harass a woman in a public space like this or anywhere else. And while some people will likely continue telling Tunacupcake to ignore guys like this or grow up, it’s an important step in the right direction.

Internet communities should be safe for all users and people need to know that it’s not okay to harass anyone. Just because someone’s a woman doesn’t give anyone the right to invite cuddles, hugs or sexual favors. And if they tell you to leave them alone, no, they’re not just playing hard to get, so don’t tell them you “don’t quit that easy…”

On a site that’s often fun and supportive (I am on Imgur 2-47 times a day), it’s awful to see people being mistreated and it’s great to know that so many people are supporting Tunacupcake’s message and agreeing that this is not how people should treat each other. And while we’re at it, let’s retire the all too common response of “Do you want dick pics? Because this is how you get dick pics” any time a woman posts a picture of herself on the site. Like Tunacupcake’s message says: Just be cool.

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