Intervention: Grammy-Nominated Star Seeks Help For Alcoholism


Last night’s episode featured Robby Pardio, who was once part of the platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated trio City High. After Robby’s girlfriend—singer Claudette Ortiz—left him for a bandmate, he went on a downward spiral into alcoholism.

City High were signed to Wyclef’s label and instantly became successful, with their first two singles—"What Would You Do?" and "Caramel"— charting high.

Robby had formed the group with his then girlfriend Claudette Ortiz, and his friend Ryan Toby. While on tour in Europe, Claudette began a relationship with Ryan, and broke up with Robby. Eventually the group disbanded and Claudette and Ryan married.

Robby began drinking heavily. His family staged an intervention and while there was no real followup on how he is doing, the subtitles at the end of the episode said that he completed treatment successfully and has been sober since October 2009.

City High’s first single, "What Would You Do?"—a sort of empathetic ode to stripper mothers—reached #8 on the the Billboard Pop charts.

Their second single "Caramel" reached #18 on the U.S. Pop Charts.

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