Iran Sending Monkey To Space


As part of its budding space program, Iran will soon be sending a monkey to space.

CBS says Iran’s space agency is currently putting five monkeys through a battery of tests to determine which lucky one will become an astronaut — the chosen monkey will presumably need to possess a combination of strength, intelligence, and the discipline not to throw his feces around at zero gravity. He won’t be the first Iranian animal to go to space — last year, the country sent a mouse, a turtle, and some worms up in a rocket. I really hope this rocket did not fly too close to a radioactive supernova, because that seems like a great way to create the fearsome space monster Turtlemausdor.

The “monkeynaut” above is not from Iran — he’s an American monkey named Abie. Pretty cute though! Also, you’ll be glad to know he survived his 1959 trip to the stars.

Iran: Space Monkey Next Step In Rocket Program [CBS]

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