Irish Granny Busted With Coke at Bingo Night


A Granny in Cork, Ireland was busted for coke possession at a bingo game this week—she said she was holding it for a friend guys, so it’s cool.

50-year-old Helen Heaphy, according to the AP, pled guilty to two counts of possession for sale or supply after cops found her with the cocaine outside of a bingo hall. Imagine how excited she was when her numbers were called.

A Cork District Court Judge gave her clemency due to “family obligations” and the fact that Granny wasn’t holding coke in Big Meech proportions, just about $400 worth. She also swore she was holding it for a friend.

Heaphy was fined $870 and dodged jail time despite having a previous history of two drug possession convictions and obstructing narcotics police. Hell, the bingo hall owner even let her come back and play. Granny is smooth, yo.

Image via Shutterstock.

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