Is Mark Ruffalo On The Terrorist Watch List?

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  • Mark Ruffalo told GQ that Pennsylvania’s Office of Homeland Security put him on a terrorist watch list for promoting the anti-natural gas drilling documentary GasLand. The bureau is denying everything, and Mark says it’s all “pretty fucking funny.”
  • It seems like a weird story for Mark to come up with on his own, but the office insists, “There is no list, we never even had a list.” [N.Y. Daily News, Philadelphia Inquirer]
  • The National Enquirer is reporting that Tom Brady is growing his hair long to cover up a bald spot, and he was recently spotted visiting a hair-transplant specialist in Cranston, Rhode Island. [N.Y. Mag]
  • Uma Thurman‘s stalker violated a restraining order by calling her recently. Police say when the arrested him in his home, he was Googling Uma’s name. [TMZ]
  • Later today, Snoop Dogg will release a song he wrote for Prince William‘s bachelor party. [N.Y. Mag]
  • Britney Spears is working on (another) comeback album with Lady Gaga‘s producer, and there may be a Gaga/Brit Brit collaboration in the works. [ONTD]
  • In the past, DWTS producers were concerned about Lindsay Lohan‘s “erratic behavior,” but now that she’s doing well in rehab they want her on the show. Says a source: “The girl can dance. Lindsay is wicked talented.” [Radar]
  • Earlier this week, Mariah Carey referred to her baby as “they,” but when asked if she’s having twins she said, “I’m not telling anyone!” [Us]
  • Video has surfaced of one of Mariah‘s employees picking her Jack Russell Terrier up by the collar and roughly shoving him in his carrier. [Radar]
  • Someone would like you to know that Kate Gosselin is, “really sad and lonely with few true friends.” [Radar]
  • Billy Joe Armstrong will appear in 50 more performances of the Broadway musical American Idiot as St. Jimmy. [AP]
  • Kara DioGuardi is writing a totally necessary memoir about her time on American Idol. [Radar]
  • David Cassidy pled not guilty to DUI today. [E!]
  • Sarah Jones of Sons of Anarchy has been cast in J.J. Abrams’ Alcatraz. [Deadline]
  • Despite horrible tabloid reports that Michael Douglas is on death’s doorstep, he says he’s doing well, adding, “After all the adversity I’ve had this year, with my health and my son’s incarceration, my ex-wife and the lawsuit — to be able to sit here and talk to you, I’m so happy.” [Hollywood Reporter]
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