Is This RHONY Incident 'a Slap Against Sisterhood'?


This season of the Real Housewives of New York has been full of meaningful conversations about how to treat friends, from a blow-out over whether it’s appropriate to bring a rando back to your shared vacation home for smashing, to a squabble over whether it’s cool to promote one friend’s product over another friend’s product at a charity event.

To backtrack: On last week’s episode of RHONY (I’m sorry, I’m behind! I can only spend so much time at the gym, no matter how nice the new Lower East Side New York Sports Club is), Ramona found herself verklempt over the fact that Heather’s horribly named Yummie jeans were being heavily promoted at an event to raise money for Smile Train, organized by the endlessly dull Kristen. You see, Ramona had also donated six necklaces from her line of slightly less horribly named jewelry, True Faith, for the event.

“Where’s the True Faith? Where’s my True Faith? This necklace is worth more than her jean. I mean I know it’s charity, but this is an $80 necklace. Her jeans are what, $40?” Ramona tutted (later she would find out Heather’s jeans are worth over $100). Then she laid the smack down:

“It’s a slap against sisterhood, womanhood, entrepreneurship. It’s not nice.”

Shots fired! “Girlfriends should support girlfriends,” Ramona said when she confronted Heather about the snub. “Go take a walk, honestly,” was Heather’s great response, which she later ruined by saying in an on-camera interview, “Bye-bye Felicia.” (Yes, we all know you worked for Sean John.)

“All you have to say is, ‘Ramona, I’m sorry,” Ramona protested. “I’m not sorry,” Heather responded.

On their blogs, a few of the women broke things down further.

From Kristen, an actually thoughtful response:

Heather and I had collaborated six weeks before the event to work out the details that her Yummie team had been in contact with Smiletrain about to set up the pop-up store and work out the logistics. Ramona—thanks so much by the way—of course came to the jean decorating party and brought some of her necklaces and said, “Here, maybe you can all use these to decorate the jeans.” That was very nice of her, and I appreciated it. (Let’s remember that this was two days before the event). Once again, Ramona is acting selfishly. Yummie donated hundreds of pairs of jeans, set up a boutique, and had staff to support the boutique. Ramona comes in, throws a few necklaces down on a table, and expects top billing?! I am so confused here. I would have been more than happy to have supported True Faith, but you can’t come in at the last minute and expect all of these demands at a charity event. Ohhh Ramona… for once, just sit back, and chill the F out!

From Sonja, a typically Sonja response:

Ramona was rightfully upset that her product wasn’t sufficiently advertised at the Smile Train party. Heather had Yummie Tummie everywhere, so she should have made sure Ramona was represented. It’s not her first rodeo—she knows how it goes. But it’s not appropriate for Ramona to bring up the issue at the event with the hostess and other guests. Typical unfiltered Ramona. Bottom line: Every donation, whether $10 or millions, has to be acknowledged. Especially if you want your charity supported again by the same generous people. I have the Sonja In the City experience to know that!

And from Heather…nothing about Ramona, save for a plug for Smile Train’s great work. Excellent.

But I’m only one woman. What say you of this alleged attack against feminism? Is this incident, as Ramona put it, a true “slap against sisterhood”? Vote now.

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